Loan Origination
National platform for debt and equity capital funding over $2 billion annually.

Underwriting & Closing
When we work with our Clients on placing debt or equity we first need to understand our client’s objectives. The business plan, hold period and any events that could occur over the course of the loan term such as a sale, lease rolls by major tenants, capital improvement plans, etc. Once we understand our client’s objective we will recommend a financing strategy and create a financing package to be distributed to potential capital sources. We then will secure competitive bids and offer recommendations based on the proposals received and the ability of the capital source to close in the specified time frame. Once a lender is selected we would manage the process until the loan closes. Each office has personnel experienced in analysis, underwriting, appraisal, closing, and due diligence.

Advisory Services
Unlike competing firms, as part of a financing assignment or on a contract basis, we provide a full array of support services customized to the specific needs of each client. With uncompromising attention to detail, we will analyze issues and present alternative strategies or structures. Our experience in problem solving translates to smoother transactions with maximum value and less time invested by our clients.

Market Expertise / Feasibility: Each office has an experienced mortgage banker available to help formulate investment or development strategies based on appropriate market driven assumptions. Some of our offices have complete databases with the most current market, demographic, sale, cost and rental comparable data that can be utilized to assist borrowers. We can provide feasibility analysis, market positioning strategies, discounted cash flow modeling, tenant credit reviews and advice on leasing issues.

Due Diligence / Feasibility / Budgeting: In addition to financing, some of our offices employ professionals with expertise in development. We can accept an assignment for zoning, entitlement or permit processing; or once construction is under way, review change orders or process draw requests in compliance with lender requirements. We provide professional assistance regarding title, survey, environmental, soils or structural issues.

Financing Facilitation: We provide processing services to facilitate lender requirements and obtain approvals in regard to holdbacks or leasing earn-outs, insurance certifications and lien releases.

We seek to simplify and assist our clients on a full service basis. With our flexible and team -oriented approach to service, we can help you:

  • Increase PRODUCTIVITY – by allowing you to focus on your areas of expertise.
  • Improve SERVICE to your clients-by allowing you to focus on your customer, while transactional pieces are completed in a reliable and seamless manner.
  • Improve COST EFFICIENCY – by minimizing client staffing and training.

We are recognized for our highest quality of work, professionalism and service oriented approach. Our business is focused on our client’s needs in order to help ensure a most successful project.